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Special Cruises

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Weddings, Special Occasions & Events with Cruisin' Tikis Beaufort

Cruisin’ Tikis Beaufort can accommodate requests for larger groups or special events. In addition to our standard cruise packages, we are more than happy to cater to larger groups or events such as wedding parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, work retreats, or any other large gatherings!

Even though each individual boat can only hold six passengers plus a captain, we now have 3 boats in service, so we can cater groups of up to 18 all out at the same time. For larger groups we can rotate passengers for tiki boat rides as desired. Alternatively, if you have a particular special event planned or want to charter the boat for a specific cruise for just you and your significant other, we can do that as well.

If you would like to schedule a chartered cruise with us that falls outside of our normal cruises, contact us today using the button below or going to our Contact page. We will work with you to find a solution that can get everyone on the boat, or make that special occasion even more unique!

Tiki Charter Boat Tour Ideas

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party: So long as your Bridesmaid or Groomsman party is 6 people or fewer, they can all fit on one boat. Even if the party is larger, however, we can make it work. Whether it be a number of trips, or whether we use all 3 of our boats, we will manage to get your entire group some time on the boat so you can fully enjoy your celebration in the wonderful environment of the Crystal Coast.

  • Work Gatherings: If your office has a particularly profitable quarter, our Tiki Boats might be just the right way to reward employees or coworkers. We can take you wherever you want, within restriction of the laws and the capability of the boat.

  • Engagements and Weddings: If you want to pop the question to your significant other while just the two of you and our USCG-licensed captain are on one of our great tiki boats, we can most certainly design a romantic cruise for you, whether it be by places of significance to the both of you or just a good vista for bringing out that ring. Our captains can even hide the ring somewhere out of the way until it’s time to get down on a knee. And we have Captains who are legally able, in the State of North Carolina, to even do your wedding – so feel free to call us and ask!

  • Groups of Friends: If you and a group of close friends want to go out on a boat and either cruise around while shooting the breeze or stop at a few bars and restaurants along your way, we can arrange a tour for just you with one of our captains. If you know the area well enough, you could also ask your captain if it would be okay to go to a particular place!

  • Self-Directed Cruises: If you know the area, or just want a cruise with less “structure” than even our relatively free-form cruises, you could charter a cruise to a specific area or to witness a specific event or at a specific time of day. Although there is some flexibility in our regularly-scheduled cruises, if you chartered the whole boat, you and yours would be the decision-makers for the whole time!