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Beaufort Sightseeing Cruise – Beaufort Yacht Basin

Quick Details

Adult (Mon-Thurs) Ages 18+
Child (Mon-Thurs) Ages 17 and under
Private Charter (Mon-Thurs) for 1-6 People
Adult (Fri-Sun) Ages 18+
Child (Fri-Sun) Ages 17 and under
Private Charter (Fri-Sun) for 1-6 People
Private Charter for 7-12 People

Come aboard our Beaufort, NC floating tiki bar and explore Crystal Coast’s beauty

There are few better times to be enjoying the sea breeze, the sun, and any beverages you might bring along. It’s also the perfect time to get a tan and enjoy relaxing by the sea, as any proper beach trip requires. Our captains are well-equipped to help you with this. In addition to being very familiar with the area and the best places to catch the breezes, waves, and rays, they can also suggest fun activities to maximize your exposure to all of the above.

As it is one of the warmer parts of the day, going to the beach is an obvious solution, but due to the tides in and around the Crystal Coast, you might also be able to create your own Sandbar Party! Depending on when you schedule your cruise, the tides might be low enough to expose the sandbars, where you can enjoy the water and drinks at your leisure while the captain mans the boat! Listen to the awesome Bluetooth sound system about your tiki, and enjoy the breeze in the shade of the palm frond roof of your tiki.

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Food and Beverage