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Sunset Crystal Coast Cruise – Beaufort Yacht Basin

Quick Details

Adult (Mon-Thurs) Ages 18+
Child (Mon-Thurs) Ages 17 and under
Adult (Fri-Sun) Ages 18+
Child (Fri-Sun) Ages 17 and under
Private Charter for 1-6 People

Enjoy the sunset on a tiki boat with your loved ones on this Beaufort sunset cruise

After the heat of the day, the sunset on the Crystal Coast is often a welcome and beautiful relief. Due to the unique alignment of the Southern Outer Banks, the sunset isn’t directly behind the beach, allowing some more time to enjoy the rays and possibly a beverage. Our expert captains can take you to the best locations to watch the sunset or squeeze those last few minutes of sunlight in your day, regardless of what your desire is.

The Crystal Coast is uniquely positioned for you to be able to watch the sunset. While most beaches on the East Coast tend to face East into the Atlantic, the Southern Outer Banks actually face South, meaning that the sunset doesn’t happen opposite of the beach, but merely off to one side. This allows for wonderful sunset viewing, and our expert captains know the spots to be able to best watch the sunset. As an added bonus, our tiki boats are uniquely well-designed to allow for maximum picture-taking, so you can always remember the time you spent with friends and family! As the day cool downs, catch an evening swim or share after-dinner cocktails & snacks.

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Food and Beverage