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& More Information About Our Tiki Boat Tours

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Tips on Enjoying Your Best Cruise with Cruisin' Tikis Beaufort

Learn about the most commonly sought information about our tiki cruises. Please also read the entire list of Frequently Asked Questions shared further below. If you still have questions, please give us or a call or send us a message. Your call is important to us however, we may be out on the water serving other customers and will call you back when we are able.

Per Person Cruises/Boat Charter

Our cruises last from 90 minutes (for Morning Mimosas and Beaufort Sightseeing) to 2.5 hours (for Carrot Island Swim Stop), and are priced to reflect time of day, demand, and length of cruise. You can book individual seats (with a minimum of 2) or book the entire boat. Generally, for 5 adults you are best booking the entire boat as it will save you money.

Longer Boat Cruises are available, so if interested please let us know.


Though not required in any way, our Captains work hard to make your trip memorable and gratuities are appreciated. There is no way currently for us to accept gratuities on credit card, so cash is the only way though we are considering Venmo as an option. 18%-25% is average. Thank you!

Booking fees

We charge your card when you make your reservation. Please plan how many people are in your group carefully. See our Cancellation notice below. Our booking provider also charges a small “convenience fee” – we see none of that money as it goes to them.

Cruising Areas

We cruise the channels, portions of the ICW, local marsh areas, and the Taylor Creek and Core Sounds areas of Beaufort. We can also cruise over to Morehead City, but due to the length of this particular route we insist on advanced notice. This is subject to maritime conditions and does entail an additional boat ferrying expense as it takes us an hour to get to Morehead City from Beaufort on the water. Depending on weather and cruise desired, we may also go to Bird Shoal and Carrot Island. As we are permitted to conduct activities at the Rachel Carson Reserve, we remind our guests that we need to be good neighbors to the horses and to other guests with behavior our mothers would approve.

Cruises are BYOB

You can bring your own drinks. We provide a certified boat captain, bottled water, a cooler, ice (for both the cooler and your drinks), cups, and Bluetooth stereo speaker so that you can link up to our stereo and play your own music.

No Show & Refunds

No shows will never be refunded. A “No Show” is defined as not being at your scheduled cruise within 15 minutes of departure. Our captains have to travel and get the boat set up for you, and if you fail to show the captain still is paid by Cruisin’ Tikis as he did his part – and you just failed to do yours.

Hours of Operation

9:00am – 9:00pm

Note: Closed 4th of July unless a special charter has been arranged.

January and February – Closed

March and April: Open Except Monday

May through August: We are Open Everyday!

September through October: Open Thursday – Sunday & By Request

November and December: Open By Request Only

Cancellation Policy

No refunds if canceled within 5 days, though we will provide the full value of your booking on a gift card that can be used on another date if you cancel 3 or more days in advance.

If canceled more than 5 days in advance 100% refund. We are also happy to try to reschedule your cruise.

Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about cancellation. Call 252-228-1379

Cancellations will not be accepted by email.

Inclement Weather

We reserve the right to cancel any tour at any time due to weather, safety, mechanical or behavioral issues. If your tour is canceled, you will be given a rain check to re-book at another time (this excludes behavioral, along with alcohol-related cancellations – these circumstances will never be rescheduled or refunded). For weather-related issues, we may “wait out” a brief shower, reschedule for another day during your stay, or refund if unable to reschedule. “NO SHOWS” will NEVER be refunded or rescheduled!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cruisin' Tikis Beaufort cruises

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